Installer for Windows

TreeFrog Installer for Qt 6 has been released. If installing it, the development environment of TreeFrog Framework will be constructed immediatly. In advance, install Qt 6 for Windows.

Version File
2.7.1 for Visual Studio 2019 (Qt 6.4 or 6.3) treefrog-2.7.1-msvc_64-setup.exe

Source Code

The source code packages of TreeFrog Framework are available.

Source File
version 2.7.1 treefrog-framework-2.7.1.tar.gz

All previous versions

Latest source code is in GitHub.


See Homebrew site of TreeFrog. Can install by Homebrew on macOS.

 $ brew install treefrog

If the SQL driver for Qt was installed correctly, the followings is displayed.

 $ tspawn --show-drivers
 Available database drivers for Qt:

If QMARIADB or QPSQL is not displayed, the driver is not stored in the correct directory. Run the following commands to check the path of the driver directory and copy the drivers there manually.

 $ cd $(tspawn --show-driver-path)
 $ pwd

After copying the driver, the following results are obtained when checked with the ls command.

$ ls $(tspawn --show-driver-path)
libqsqlite.dylib  libqsqlmysql.dylib  libqsqlpsql.dylib