Execution environment

  • Windows 7/8, Linux, UNIX-like OS or maxOS
  • Qt version 5.2 or later – The Qt Company

Development environment

In order to develop a Web application in TreeFrog Framework, you must have C++ development tools appropriate to the execution environment as lsited above. For the time being, development is possible using the g++ compiler to make and edit commands.

MinGW is available for Windows. Using the Qt Creator IDE is also a good idea. I’m currently awaiting further information, but it should be possible to develop using any Visual Studio and Eclipse as well (although I haven’t tried it yet).

On maxOS, if you install Xcode, various commands such as a compiler are installed. For Linux, I recommend installing the packages that are provided with the distribution.

For debugging, using the Qt Creator is a safe choice, because it is a framework based on Qt.